Welcome to SA TRIKE’s website

We are one of the few registered trike manufacturers in South Africa.

We are dedicated to giving you the very best trikes and bikes with a focus on quality, customer service and uniqueness.

We are situated in the heart of beautiful Cape Town with all its winding roads and mountains.

SA Trike offers unique trikes that are custom-built by our own engineers to give any rider the most enjoyable safest ride.

Our trikes are easy to ride as it has all the characteristics of a normal motorcycle for which no balancing skills are required.

After successfully launching in 2011 of our 1st trike the MABA V250cc we went further to add another few new members to our family namely the 650cc striker trikes with liquid cooled engines an advanced electronic and fuel systems. These trikes are all assembled by SA Trike Bike here in South Africa.

The trikes can also be custom built to the customers’ specifications especially the handicapped.

Whether it be an affordable good quality used run around or a high spec performance coupe, you can be rest assured of the attention to detail to ensuring that it will be a motor vehicle worth being offered as a used motor vehicle for sale at The Car Emporium. All vehicles undergo a thorough inspection to ensure it meets with the standards of being admissible to their stock and include a roadworthy certificate with warranty options available.

We also added two new 2 wheelers to our family namely the CFMOTO NK650 and the TK650. These bikes are superior in their class with quality, super styling, affordability and comfort.

We believe in the journey of life, everyone deserves to ride in style!

Our Team